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SchuBox CrossFit
425 Boulder Creek Suite 800
Pleasanton Ca. 94588


Free Class
Start your journey

You are welcome to try us out for a free class any day Mon-Fri at 5:30pm. Please call ahead at 925-918-2288 and speak with Rich or Ana Schuster to set up your free class prior to showing up your first time.

Willing to give us 3 months? An initial 3 month commitment is just $125/mo.

New To CrossFit?
A stronger you

After the free class you have two options: [1] Attend our beginner classes which take you through the movements at a slower pace, or [2] Choose the fast track with On Ramp classes that take you through everything you need to know to feel comfortable in a group setting in 6 classes or less.

The lowest in town

We have one of the most competitive pricing plans in the valley. Unlimited monthly membership is $140, M/L/F is $100, and FT Student rate is $80.

You can also check out our class pack. A 10 Class Pass is $110, a 20 Class Pass is $190, and a 40 Class Pass is $320.

OUR Schedule
Upcoming classes
  • 5:30am-6:30amCrossFit
  • 6:30am-7:30amCrossFit
  • 10:00am-11:00amCrossFit
  • 11:00am-12:00amCrossFit
  • 4:00pm-5:00pmCrossFit
  • 5:00pm-6:00pmCrossFit
  • 5:30pm-6:30pmBeginners
  • M-Th 6:00pm-7:00pmCrossFit

What to expect?

You will not see rows of treadmills, a juice bar, or a stack of freshly washed towels. We are serious about fitness. It’s all about hard work, having fun, and making sure you get a really good workout.

All fitness levels are welcome. We strive to make the first day of CrossFit a learning experience ensuring you know your way around our facility and feel confident in the movements so you are ready to push yourself in the workout.

SchuBox CrossFit is:

  • Community driven
  • Challenging
  • Affordable
  • FUNctional fitness



We work hard to provide a flexible and convenient schedule to meet your busy life and it's demanding needs.

  • My cardiovascular endurance and strength have dramatically improved. In the first 3 months I have lost 7.5 inches overall. Feeling stronger.

    MicaelanneCrossFit, 1 year
  • I’m fitter and now need new jeans. More importantly, I feel healthier and know that I am taking control of my own health.

    PuneetCrossFit, 1 year
  • I have lost 55 pounds, my pants and shirts fit looser, I eat a lot healthier and I have reignited my confidence.

    GabrielCrossFit, 1 year
  • I have lost over 110 pounds and almost fully eliminated asthma, any pre-diabetic condition I had, as well as changed my body. The CrossFit community here is amazing.

    ShaneCrossFit, 3 years (original garage member)


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Taking advantage of the break in the rain to get some running in and thrusters! #schuboxcrossfit Winning isn't everything but it sure feels good! Such an amazing experience with my #sweatshopswag team!! #grinchgames #schuboxcrossfit Proud of our team and the rest of #SchuboxCrossfit at the #GrinchGames yesterday! @arog0210 @nickclupny @craigjmartin #winnersofthelosers #sparklepony #crossfit

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Solid catch for @jbdaddy_ at 245lbs! You know what you got to do now #schuboxcf Not the prettiest of @jbdaddy_ cleans but a solid dropped 3 rep clean with 3 sec pause above the knees 205lbs #schuboxcf Walk into the gym not feeling very well and......... hit a PR #schuboxcf